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Cyclescheme is an employee benefit that saves you 25-39% on a bike and accessories (or even more with our offers). You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer. Click here to view the Cyclescheme website.


As an employee, the Cycle2work scheme allows you to make huge savings on a new bike and any safety equipment. You can save up to 42% because the scheme acts as a tax break, which means you can get a brand new bike without paying tax and national insurance on it. Click here to view the Halfords website.

Evans Cycles

Evans Cycles Ride-to-Work scheme is a leading provider of the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme. This popular employee benefit provides excellent tax savings on our wide range of bikes and equipment. The choice could be a new bike plus high-vis clothing and safety accessories or simply new kit for the commute – it’s all available through Ride-to-Work with up to 42% tax savings. Click here to visit the Evans Cycles website.

Cycle Solutions

Cycle Solutions enables you to get a tax-free bike. By covering the cost of the bike through a salary sacrifice, most people save about 39% of the cost. But, if you pay higher-rate tax you could save more. It's simple! Click here to visit the Cycle Solutions website.

Cycle to Work Alliance policy report: Unlocking access for all workers

To read our report, please click here: Future-proofing the Cycle to Work scheme - Unlocking access for all workers New report urges government to widen access to Cycle to Work scheme A new report published today by the Cycle to Work Alliance, made up of the five largest providers of the Cycle to Work Scheme, is calling on the government to widen access to the scheme. The Cycle to Work scheme has encouraged hundreds of thousands more people to cycle to work every day, with significant benefits for the environment, wellbeing, road congestion, and workplace productivity. Over the course of the pandemic, the scheme has played a critical ...


Founded in 2005, Vivup is a UK leading employee benefits provider specialising in physical, financial and mental health wellbeing. Vivup provides a flexible, innovative and customisable platform and a wide selection of in-house benefits including a Cycle to Work scheme, specifically designed to improve employee engagement and loyalty. Visit the Vivup website here.

Cycle to Work Alliance welcomes Vivup as a new member

The Cycle to Work Alliance is delighted to welcome its newest member Vivup, who will be joining forces with Cyclescheme, Halfords, Evans and Cycle Solutions – the other leading providers of the UK’s Cycle to Work Scheme. The Cycle to Work Alliance is a coalition of these market leaders representing approximately 80 per cent of the market. The Alliance works hard to promote the narrative around Cycle to Work and has continued to focus on the health, environmental and productivity benefits of this widely used scheme, enabling cost effective access to employees across the UK – over 1 million employees have participated to date. Adrian ...

Surge in Cycle to Work scheme participants shows British are shifting their transport habits

The number of employees joining the Cycle to Work scheme has more than doubled as commuters make plans for returning to the workplace, amid growing concerns about the safety of using public transport as lockdown eases. New data from the Cycle to Work Alliance shows that in June there was a more than 120% increase in the number of people joining the scheme compared to the previous year. This built on a 52% increase in scheme participation in May 2020, compared to the previous year. The surge of employees wanting to access the scheme, which allows commuters to obtain bicycles and cycling equipment tax free through salary sacrifice, shows many ...

Refreshed Cycle to Work Scheme guidance a boost for cycling

The Cycle to Work Alliance, in collaboration with senior transport, environment and health leaders, has today welcomed the government’s update to the Cycle to Work Scheme guidance. Not only will the new guidance bring significantly increased health and wellbeing benefits, it will also further reduce the number of cars on the road and improve air quality. The new guidance makes it easier and simpler for employers to offer the scheme to their employees and, therefore, easier for employees to get on a bike. In fact, the new guidance will enable more people than ever to access the benefits of regularly cycling to work. As such, the update to ...

Cyclescheme’s Adrian Warren announced as new Cycle to Work Alliance Chair

Adrian will take over from Steve Edgell of Cycle Solutions, who has held the Chairmanship since 2010. Adrian will lead the Alliance on its continued engagement with the Department for Transport as it approaches publication of the updated Cycle to Work Scheme guidance this summer. The Alliance continues to promote the benefits of cycling to work in terms of its contributions to health, the environment and employee engagement, making the case for sustainable commuting. In recent years the Cycle to Work Alliance has been pivotal in safeguarding the Cycle to Work Scheme under increasing government scrutiny of salary sacrifice schemes. The ...