The Green Way to Work – Sustainable Transport Report

I am delighted to see that the Cycle to Work Scheme continues to grow, and it is encouraging that findings in this report show that more and more commuters are looking towards cycling as their main mode of transport to work.

By boosting the number of people who travel to work by bike, the scheme is making a tangible contribution to addressing the Coalition Government’s commitment to reduce the country’s carbon emissions and create sustainable growth.

Cycling is a healthy choice and a quick and practical way of getting around. The Coalition Government recognises this, and we are working to ensure that Britons feel confident and comfortable cycling at all times. We are investing in infrastructure and safety improvements that will achieve this. In the past year we have committed a further £107 million to cycling infrastructure, on top of the £600 million being invested through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund where 94 out of 96 schemes contain a cycling element. In addition, the recent publication of our Door to Door strategy document looks ways to promote integrated sustainable transport options for travellers across the country.

To read our report, please click here: The Green Way to Work – Sustainable Transport Report